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Chuck Gooden cgooden at insightbb.com
Fri Sep 16 02:46:06 UTC 2005

Who will be the control operator?  How will you shut down the system if
there is a problem?  What if the RF interfers with the avaionic on board
the plane, how will the pilot know to shut down the tracker?  Have you
considered the legality of this according to FCC and FAA rules?

David Dobbins wrote:
> I've configured a TT3, HTX-202 and Garmin 35 for the N1547C Air Tracker
> aboard a good friend's Cirrus SR22. Tim & Leigh Anne Delaney will depart
> Sep 21 from their home in Santa Rosa, CA for a clockwise tour of the USA
> with a jaunt to the Cayman Islands then back home, returning early
> November. Lucky them. The tracker callsign is their N number, with my
> call K7GPS embedded in the status text routinely transmitted. On/off
> power is controlled by plugging the tracker in to 12vdc outlet in the
> aircraft. I don't anticipate any probs with the tracker, but you never
> know. Recalling the USA flight originated in MD last summer, the pilot
> was impressed with seeing some hams at a majority of his stops along the
> way. I think he went on to get his license???? I got to visit with him
> when he stopped in Spokane. I'm trying to get my friend into the hobby.
> More info, an itinerary, and a picture of the SR22 on the
> http://www.nwaprs.org web pages. 
> 73, Dave K7GPS
> Spokane WA
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