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[aprssig] OpenTracker telemetry support released

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Mon Sep 19 02:39:35 UTC 2005

Telemetry support on the OpenTracker has been merged into the standard
firmware release.  If you enable telemetry output, you'll get an APRS format
telemetry report with:

Temperature (+/- 2C, from onboard sensor)
Supply voltage (accurate to about 0.1V)
External analog input
Digital counter (continuous count or reset after transmit)
HDOP reading reported by GPS
Jumper / digital input state
Config profile in use

At Bob's suggestion it now reports a proper sequence number.  The
temperature and voltage sensors can be removed if you want to use those
inputs for something else.  This release also allows you to configure the
tracker to transmit if it loses GPS lock - it'll add a NOFIX flag in the
comment to let you know the position might not be valid.  This should be
particularly useful for balloon users that might lose the GPS on landing, or
have it freeze up in flight.

I may have asked before, but are there any decent online telemetry viewers?
Aprsworld works fine but just gives a raw table output.  FindU does graphs
but (as far as I can tell) without any legend, and that doesn't seem to be
working at the moment.  I've got a proof-of-concept graphical dashboard up
and running (http://www.argentdata.com/dashboard.php?call=n1vg-6) but it's
obviously lacking a lot and it's dependent on the aprsworld database, which
can be a little slow to respond over the network.  I intend to have a local
database running before releasing a finished version - even if the network
lag problem is fixed, I'd rather not add any more load than necessary to
Jim's server.

Speaking of APRS telemetry, what's the status of the APRS MIM?  I was trying
to update my tracker comparison page and I couldn't find a price.  The web
page is still there, but with no mention of how to buy one, or even if
they're being sold anymore.

See you at DCC...

Scott, N1VG

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