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[aprssig] Group Tracker Build Projects ?

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Thu Sep 22 22:00:44 UTC 2005

> Does anyone know of any groups that have built several trackers for the 
> group
> to use during events? Not the property of any one individual, but the 
> property
> of the group?

My first exposure to APRS, long ago, was a Mic-E build on Field Day.  I know 
of a couple of clubs that have done OpenTracker builds more recently, and 
I've sold 10-packs to ARES groups, but I can't be certain they were built as 
group property.  The Lincoln ARC has the best-document group build event 
here:  http://www.146760.net/clubphotos/open_tracker_build.html.

>1) configurations used

Depends a lot on what exactly you want to do with 'em.

>2) bulk discounts available

I can help there, at least.  =]  My standard deal is $230 for a kit 10-pack, 
or $23 each for quantities from 10 to 20.  Over 20, let me know and I'll be 
happy to negotiate something.  I'll have a few cases of kits with me at DCC 
this weekend (I'll be there around 9:00 tonight) and I'll be offering an 
additional discount there.

>3) any tips on such an effort.

Put some thought into the radios and packaging to be used.  It's easy to 
wind up with a mish-mash of different setups that are hard to support 
consistently.  Again, it all depends a lot on what you're after.  Do you 
want permanent vehicle mobiles, relocatable self-contained mobiles, 
man-portable trackers, or what?

Scott, N1VG

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