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[aprssig] Re: Serial port to USB question

Derek Koonce redderek at comcast.net
Fri Sep 23 16:18:03 UTC 2005

In regards to the last comment, I actually went through the various 
ports on my laptop to see how the COM ports are assigned. My laptop has 
3 USB ports. I also have a 4-port hub that I used and moved between the 
3 laptop ports. This a total of 15 COM ports that got assigned! I ended 
up making a note on my laptop that identifies which port is what number 
so I do not forget. Do not forget that the modem is another COM port in 
of itself!

Derek Koonce

Gregg Wonderly wrote:

> Roger, one of the issues with USB devices is that you can plug them 
> into multiple ports, and each one of those ports is unique, and thus 
> the OS has to allow you to have multiples of any USB device.  You may 
> be experiencing the problems that ensue when you've plugged your 
> serial converter into another port, or into a hub recently attached to 
> one of your USB ports.
> I've started using specific ports for specific devices to help keep 
> myself from fighting with this issue.
> Gregg Wonderly

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