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[aprssig] Group Tracker Build Projects ?

Art Hostmark ahostma at hostmark.org
Sat Sep 24 03:17:35 UTC 2005


This may be way out in left field but here is a link for a beacon
originally intended for ballooning.  It is light weight and ought to be
pretty rugged.  I have no idea what he would charge for these.


Several people in our ballooning group are interested in these but we
have not gotten to the point of putting together any of these yet.


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On Fri, 2005-09-23 at 19:29 -0700, DaveN wrote:
> Bruce,
> Your system sounds very interesting. I have been looking for pictures of
> portable trackers that I can post, or that I can link to, in an effort to
> give people ideas and tips for construction.  Our SAR unit has used a
> variety of tracker configurations but the loose wire and other problems
> persist.
> We really need a design for a portable tracker that is rugged, compact, and
> will fit or attach to a searchers pack.
> If you or others have pictures or web links, please send them if you can.
> Thanks
> Dave W7PDQ
> www.dmapper.com

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