[aprssig] UNIX Displays

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Sat Sep 24 11:10:28 CDT 2005


I have UNIX running on a server I picked up from the computer show.

I have some processes that need to run in the background but have graphical displays.

I have LINUX on my laptop, which I telnet in and run the appications on the remote server.

Is there any way, other than plugging in a monitor and running the application at the server, I can
get the application to "think" there is a monitor connected ?

And then I can stop having to log in and run the applications on my laptop telnet sessions ?

What I have is 

1) XASTIR generating maps and screen captures. (running physically on my laptop and ftp image to server) - problem
2) PERL script tuning the radio for doppler (outputs to my laptop screen) - solution needed
3) PREDICT satellite prediction running in server mode (outputs to my laptop screen) - problem
4) Shell Script to upload keps for predict (already cron tab)- ok
5) PERL Script to send satellites objects as dervied from predict, to XASTIR (works fine as crontab) - ok
6) PERL Script that telnets APRS IS and reconnects on problem - solution needed

I think i have some of the issues worked out

predict_radio_control.pl > /dev/null &                   and then log off
telnet_reconnect.pl > /dev/null &                         and then log off

It is the running of PREDICT and XASTIR as background processes I have trouble with.

I would really like to set and forget to free up my laptop.

Andrew Rich VK4TEC
Satellite Ground Station for PCSAT2
vk4tec at tech-software.net

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