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[aprssig] D700 with GPS question

Windman victorf at windreader.com
Sat Sep 24 19:57:37 UTC 2005

I have a Garmin GPS35 hockypuck which I attache to my D700. It works pretty 
good. I am running the 700 in APRS mode and have been beaconing my position 
for testing purposes. Yesterday I set out from upstate NY enroute to 
Indianapolis, IN. I was running the radio and beaconing my position 
periodically and after perhaps an hour, I noticed that the radio had powered 
off. At the next gas stop I looked things over and could not resolve the 
problem so I carried on to Indianapolis. This morning I was troubleshooting 
and could find nothing obvious. I unplugged the GPS from the radio and the 
radio came on and began receiving APRS packets as if nothing had happened. I 
plugged the GPS back in and the radio would reset itself every few seconds. 
By reset I mean it would power off then back on every 10 seconds or so. 
Unplugging the GPS from the radio stopped this action but it started again 
on plugin. This setup has worked for a couple of weeks with out a hitch so I 
am now scratching my head. The GPS comes with its cabling supplied by Garmin 
and includes a Cigar lighter power plug and the GPS interface cable in a 
"single" unit. I build the GPS to radio connector from a premade stero 
connector with integral pigtail. I added a db9 connector and this has worked 
well for a couple of weeks. I did take the db9 shell off and examined the 
wires but everything is as  I
expected. I have ground, pin 2 and pin 3 soldered to the connecter from the 
Since this has been working I am confidence it is wired correctly. Any ideas 
as to why the radio is acting the way it does?

Any enlightenment will be appreciated.


Vic Fraenckel
victorf AT windreader DOT com

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