[aprssig] DR-620 / DR-635

James kb7tbt at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 19:43:40 CDT 2005

OK, very good, if the project does get off the ground let me know, I do have 
a 135 and a 235.

I am also looking for the 50U for the 635.


"Don't forget to listen for the weak ones"  W3IY, Bill Seabreeze, SK.

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>> A while back someone mentioned that they were going to make a
>> TNC to replace the EJ-50U for the DR-620 and/or DR-635
> I'm working on a replacement for the EJ-41U for the DR-135 - for now I'm
> only planning a 1200 baud tracker, not a true TNC replacement.  At the
> moment the project is bogged down in annoying details like trying to 
> source
> the 1.5 mm pitch jumper cable to connect it to the radio.
> Scott
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