[aprssig] KB1LYU-3 SugarBush Digi Update

Brian Riley brianbr at mac.com
Mon Sep 26 10:33:12 CDT 2005

I took the trip South to NJ this weekend as I mentioned in my earlier  
report. The KB1LYU Digi has better coverage than any of us imagined.  
The Western route to Burlington VT which is primarily VT 22A which  
used to have a 50-60 mile APRS black hole has now shrunk to a single  
20 mile stretch which is more than liveable. In addition the area  
just north of the new coverage which had highly 'peek-a-boo' coverage  
from my own N1BQ-3 digi now has rock solid coverage, the mountain  
shadows of each digi being totally different, anything one digi  
doesn't get the other does. All things considered Jonathan's digi on  
Mount Ellen (Sugarbush area) adds over 15-2000 sq miles of new  
coverage and solidifies coverage of another 1000 sq miles as well.

What remains to be checked out is the exact coverage down the East  
side of the Green Mountains on I-89. I plan to make a run to White  
River Junction on I-89 and run 30 second beacons to 'map' LYU's  
coverage sometime this week.

Right now it looks like all you eastern skiers will have  
significantly improved APRS coverage when you head North to ski this  
winter! We have W1CGT-3/N1BQ-3 covering the Champlain Valley, and  
Gore, Whiteface, Smuggler's Notch, K1UC-3 covering Stowe, Jay Peak  
covered by several Canadian digis, and KB1LYU-3 covering Sugarbush,  
Sugarbush North, Mad River Glen, and possibly some coverage in  
Killington area. K1UC-3, N1BQ-3, and KB1LYU-3 are all KPC3+'s running  
'new paradigm' S-type settings, so, WIDE2-2 just about anywhere in   
the region is almost 100% guaranteed to 'print' to the APRS-IS.  
Killington, Whaleback, and Mt Sunapee are aslo covered by K1JY-2 on  
Kearsarge Mountain in NH but it doesn't do WIDEN-N.

  I want to publicly thank Jonathan, KB1LYU for this great addition  
to the network here in the North Country.

cheers ... brian  riley, underhill center, vermont
   <brianbr at mac.com>

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