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[aprssig] RE: Group Tracker Build Projects ?

Jay Bareman Radio_Q at mchsi.com
Mon Sep 26 19:59:24 UTC 2005

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On Behalf Of William McKeehan

Does anyone know of any groups that have built several trackers for the
group to use during events? Not the property of any one individual, but the
property of the group?

OR any individual that has built several trackers for deployment during an

Hi Bill

Check this site and follow the link to the balloon trackers.  We did this
several years ago but the scope of the project will give you some things to
think about.  The site is really designed for a 'non-ham' audience although
the paper Peter wrote had balloon pilots in mind and is a bit more technical
than the rest of the site.


73's for now

Jim  K5QQ

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