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[aprssig] Please do not QRM this list!

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Tue Sep 27 21:25:48 UTC 2005

Gentlemen, please remember this list is not an audio broadcast. Every one of us
has gotten every past message and there is no need to keep quoting quoted quotes
of quotes in replies. Yes, the sample below is quoted FOUR LEVELS DEEP and I've
seen some that are SIX LEVELS DEEP.

For those of us who get the daily digest view this is especially "noisy" since
your multiple level quotes are QRMing the list and making 50-80% of what we read
NOISE. Remember, if someone needs context they HAVE THE OLD MESSAGES AT HAND.
Or, a line or two is all that is needed. Not four levels of nested quotes.

Please, a little professionalism and pride? Cut-n-paste, make it easier for us
to find the NEWS.

"> > > > Please stop it ."

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