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[aprssig] Please do not QRM this list!

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Tue Sep 27 22:34:43 UTC 2005

On Sep 27, 2005, at 5:43 PM, Stan Coleman [NØYXV] wrote:

>  I agree with
> you on the daily digest...it's impossible to read. I finally had to  
> give up on
> the daily digest just because it is so impossible to read AND to  
> reply to.

Before this starts up again, everyone go back and read the archive  
from the last time this came up, a few months ago. Some people think  
that including quotes results in a more fluid conversation, others  
don't. It is a personal preference, and it will not be settled here,  
any more than the best operating system, best client program, or even  
best path threads! Quotes are an acceptable part of internet  
etiquette, and those that like them will use them, those that don't  
won't use them. It is as close as we are going to get to an agreement  
on this topic.

Steve K4HG

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