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[aprssig] Garmin GPS35

Larry Cerney lcerney at viawest.net
Wed Sep 28 02:48:03 UTC 2005

> I don't know if this is the fix, but I remember sometime back 
> a similar problem with a Garmin where the "Bread crumbs" 
> tracking were used up.  If you reset the Bread Crumbs or 
> reverse track or what ever it's called you should start 
> tracking again.

I think the GPS35 is one of the older 'mouse' type units with no user

[Larry Cerney] Right Scott,

I just checked and forget what I said about "Bread Crumbs".  I did find in
the Garmin 35 docs mention of a propriety Garmin sentence $PGRMT which is
the Sensor Status Information that is transmitted once a minute.  The
information contains ROM check sum, receiver failure, stored data lost, real
time clock lost, oscillator drift, etc.  You should be able to work a little
closer to a diagnosis with the help of this sentence.

You can download the doc from the Garmin site.

Good luck


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