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[aprssig] Xastir?

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Wed Sep 28 17:05:47 UTC 2005


Dumb question time...

I've been trying to find a working install of Xastir for some time to
evaluate, as from the screen shots it looks very good.  But, sadly I use
Windows (XP-Pro or 2k) not Linux.

After looking at Curt's comparison chart of all the various APRS
clients, and following the convoluted links round Source Forge etc, I
finally found what I think is a Windows install for it, but it's a
.tar.tar file.  WinZip recognises the format, but crashes.

Is Xastir actually available for us morons stuck with windows, or are we
stuck with ui-view, good though it is, it's beginning to grate on me in
regard to the inflexible mapping, and other minior wrinkles that in all
honesty no one seems to be working on, since Rogers sad demise, making
it appear more and more like a dead product.

Note, I'm in the UK, so no mention of PM please (no map's outside the
US/Canada) or the brickbats will come your way!...

APRSDOS is not an option with XP.  Been there, tried that, locked the PC
needing a system restore.  There are also precious little European or UK
map's for it anyway, and the display format is poor (personal judgement)
compared to other more modern app's, from what I've seen of screen shots
on the web.

Not an urgent request, as about to go home now, so flame away!...

Regards, Dave B.

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