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[aprssig] XDigi Daughter Board for the TNC-X is now shipping.

John Hansen hansen at fredonia.edu
Thu Sep 29 00:33:30 UTC 2005


X-Digi is a daughter board for the TNC-X that is based on the UIDigi 
firmware.  It allows a TNC-X to become a stand alone digipeater.  It 
fully supports the WIDEn-N paradigm including UITrace and UIFlood and 
also does user configurable dupe checking.  It has extremely low power 
consumption and is an ideal digipeater for use in emergency situations. 
It supports four independent beacons with separate user configurable 
paths.  The X-Digi configuration parameters can be set using a computer 
that runs any terminal program - even a Palm Pilot (though it is not 
configurable over the air).  X-Digi is field upgradable via a computer 
serial port should firmware upgrades become available.

More info is available at:


X-Digi is available now.  Thanks for the bandwidth.

John W2FS

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