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[aprssig] Xastir?

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Thu Sep 29 12:36:28 UTC 2005

Did you try http://www.lintronix.com/winxastir/netinstall.html ?  works
great for windows installations... on a broad band connection it will
take about 30 minutes.... of course this method will install cygwin
linux emulator, all the necessary libraries and xastir itself.  It does
not install shapelib support though.

Out of the box, xastir will support all DOS and winaprs maps, and JPG
images with a corresponding GEO file, and of course topo/photo maps from
terraserver and tiger maps (for those in the USA).

Learning curve is a little steep... but I've never looked back.  Well, I
did look back at winaprs recently, and I was back on xastir in short order.


Dave Baxter wrote:
> Thanks for the help guys...
> I did go via the xastir website, but got a download I can't use.  Oh
> well..
> I have to use winderz at work, and life's too short to learn my way
> round another (different) system for home.  (The difference between XP
> and 2k is enough to get on with!)
> A few years back I'd have dived into Linux with enthusiasm.  These days,
> I just want to use an application, not learn how it works (over what you
> "need" to understand it that is)..
> I have a business trip to the US soon, and hope to find a ham store or
> three to darken, arround the East PA, Philly, Trenton, New York area, so
> may try to find a CD there.  Any recommendations?  I'll probably only
> have one free day though.
> I'll have the D7 and eTrex with me (New paradigm paths of course!) so
> another "opportunity" to play perhaps?
> Regards...
> 	Dave B.  G0WBX
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