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hasan schiers schiers at netins.net
Thu Sep 29 11:07:24 CDT 2005

digi_ned runs under linux and has an AGWPE interface mode so:

Run digi_ned under linux in agwpe mode.
Run agwpe under windows and all the ports that agwpe sees are available to 

I am running it exactly that way. All digi-peating is done via digi_ned on a 
400 mhz celeron on my network, which also runs Xastir APRS and both talk to 
agwpe via the network. AGWPE Pro is installed on a 1.2 gig celeron with 
WinXP home. That machine is running ui-view32, AGWPE Pro, UISS, AGWMonitor, 
EchoLink, tons of ui-view add ons, etc.

In fact, I'm at work at the moment using my laptop via a dial-up connection 
and my laptop ui-view32 is using my agwpe pro system at home via the 
internet. The topology looks something like this:

Home UI-View32 -----> AGWPE Pro ---> 3 tnc's (APRS/ISS/PCSAT)
UISS ---------------------> AGWPE Pro ----> 1 selected tnc from 3
AGWMonitor-----------> AGWPE Pro ----> All tnc's
Linux Digi_ned--------> AGWPE Pro ----> 1 selected tnc from 3 (aprs)
Xastir---------------------> AGWPE Pro-----> 1 selected tnc from 3 (aprs)

Laptop UI-View32----> AGWPE Pro via internet ---> 3 tnc's
Laptop UISS-----------> AGWPE Pro via internet----> 1 selected tnc from 3
Laptop AGWMon-----> AGWPE Pro via internet----> All tnc's

Each program has its own SSID, (if required) for the callsign N0AN,

N0AN   = Home UI-View32
N0AN-1 = Digi_ned under Linux
N0AN-3 = Xastir under Linux
N0AN-9 = Laptop via internet
N0AN-6 = UISS 145.800 tnc

All of these use AGWPE Pro from one machine. AGWPE Pro supervises 3 tncs: 
144.390, 145.800, 435.275 for aprs, iss and pcsat2 respectively.

Hope this helps ya


...hasan, N0AN

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> Can digined run in a windows environment and talk to AGWPE?
> Wes
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