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[aprssig] Re: [Xastir] Investigation into TELEM packets (XASTIR)

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Thu Sep 29 20:53:34 UTC 2005

What has got me mystifed is that the normal looking packets get through from PCSAT2, just the TELEM fails ???


This one gates

27/09/05 10:16:37 PCSAT2>BEACON,SGATE,WIDE,qAo,W7KKE-13:USNA/ARISS Prototype CommSat. PCSAT2(A)

These will not gate (from XASTIR)

27/09/05 10:16:10 PCSAT2>BEACON,SGATE,WIDE,qAo,W7KKE-13:T#742,149,151,001,001,079,11111110,0001,1
27/09/05 10:16:20 PCSAT2>BEACON,SGATE,WIDE,qAo,W7KKE-13:T#743,171,181,161,153,156,11111110,0010,1
27/09/05 10:16:30 PCSAT2>BEACON,SGATE,WIDE,qAo,W7KKE-13:T#744,158,103,019,122,213,11111110,0011,1
27/09/05 10:16:42 PCSAT2>BEACON,SGATE,WIDE,qAo,W7KKE-13:T#745,024,027,236,015,016,11111110,0000,1
27/09/05 10:16:50 PCSAT2>BEACON,SGATE,WIDE,qAo,W7KKE-13:T#746,149,151,001,000,079,11111110,0001,1

So why does the APRS - IS stream not like XASTIR TELEM igates ?

Can someone send me some UI-VIEW IGATED data ?

Normal RF packets gate fine as well.

I will get some more data 

Andrew VK4TEC

On Friday 30 September 2005 05:35, Curt, WE7U wrote:
> On Fri, 30 Sep 2005, Andrew Rich wrote:
> > I did another packet sniff using ethereal and captured just these two packets going from my PC
> > One from XASTIR as the transport and the other by hand from a telnet.
> >
> > XASTIR sends to APRS IS (does not work) PCSAT2>BEACON,SGATE,WIDE,VK4TEC-10*,I:T#918,142,144,002,095,073,11111111,0001,1
> > When you send by hand (works) PCSAT2>BEACON,SGATE,WIDE:T#918,142,144,002,095,073,11111111,0001,1
> Xastir is adding injection ID to the end of the header, as it is
> supposed to:  ",VK4TEC-10*,I"
> I don't know why the other end isn't accepting it.
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Andrew Rich VK4TEC
Satellite Ground Station for PCSAT2
vk4tec at tech-software.net

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