[aprssig] D7 Band B Monitor

John Zaruba Jr aa2bn at comcast.net
Thu Sep 29 18:53:05 CDT 2005


Your best bet is to utilize the PM memories, since these save the  
entire radio configuration.

Use P.IN then memory slot 2 to copy the current config to PM2.

Press PM then softkey 2 to get the config you just saved.

Change the Band B VFO to use 144 MHz.

Go into the menu mode for TNC and select Band B as the data band.

Go into the menu mode for APRS and Set Band B as the data band there  

Now you can use Band A for Airband, VHF HI, etc.

To go back to the old configuration, press PM the softkey 1.

Using PM memories allows you to have up to 5 different radio  

I hope the helped you a bit...


John AA2BN

On Sep 29, 2005, at 19:15, Ron wrote:

> Presently I'm using Band A for 144.39 APRS.  Can I use Band  B to  
> monitor any thing other than 144 to 148.  I would like to set the  
> Memory or VFO to listen to local air at 120 or public safety at  
> 154.  The manual isn't clear and I have yet to be successful at  
> this.  Tnx.
> Ron
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