[aprssig] digi and igate coverage in the plains

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1st off Eastern Colorado is DOA we do balloon recovery out in that area and
it is dead from
Ft. Morgan on east as for the rest of the area you might look into PHG for
coverage. The only
Problem you might have is not everyone uses PHG in their APRS data. Well
that's my 2 cents
Worth. Maybe some one will have a better idea.

Good Luck

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I'm working with a storm chasing team (educational) from a local
university that is considering outfitting one of their vehicles with an
APRS tracker so their home based nowcaster (like forecasting but "now")
can track their location for better storm forecasting and advice for
positioning and safety.

One major concern is none of us hams in the group have run an APRS tracker
in the plains so we are leary of the coverage.

Is there a way for me to put together a "likely" coverage map for APRS to
see if running a tracker would prove useful or an excercise in futility as
we blink in and out every couple hours?

Think of it as a SAR operation covering 11 states :)

The main states would probably be:
Eastern Colorado
Northern Texas

If you think it's worth it what path should we use for maximum chance of


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