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Ron Stordahl ron.stordahl at digikey.com
Sat Apr 1 11:11:30 CST 2006

I tried to register so I could participate in the new APRS WIKI 
http://info.aprs.net but it rejected my proposed signon name "Ron_N5IN" 
which I have been using most everywhere ham radio related.  It said it 
was not in WIKI format.  OK, but when I clicked on the error message 
link which was I believe supposed to take to me to help in properly 
formatting my WikiName it was blocked because I was not signed on.  A 
Catch 22!  So I googled and found that an underscore is not allowed.  
What it did accept was "RonN5IN"

So if this trips you up you may want to consider using 
"FirstNameCallSign".  That should work.

This new APRS resource has great potential!

RonN5IN (my new wiki name).

Ron McCoy wrote:
> Great start!
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> Ok, thanks to Steve the Wiki can now be accessed at:
> http://info.aprs.net
> What's up there now is very quick and dirty - I'm just trying to get some
> stubs so people have a place to start adding content.  To edit the pages,
> you just need to create a login - it's picky about the naming format,
> though, and wants something like ScottMiller or AprsUser or ScottN1VG.
> I'm trying to avoid just ripping off everyone else's content - I did rip off
> the Wikipedia APRS entry, but I wrote a significant part of that in the
> first place.  If you've got content of your own, feel free to post it.  Even
> if it's just a summary and link to your own page, that's a start.
> Even if it's just stubs (filling in more software applications or trackers,
> for example) then at least we can start to see what's missing.
> Scott
> N1VG
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