[aprssig] Garmin GPS18 problem

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Sun Apr 2 10:59:30 CDT 2006


If you have let the GPS18 run down on low power, it will go into another 
mode, you my try resetting it with a program that you can find on the Garmin 
web site. I belive this is only a problem witht he early units, the later 
units had an updated program. I had this problem with one of my GPS18 
shortly after I received it, Iwas testing to see how long the unit would run 
before the battery ran down, this is when I learned about this problem.

Even though you have updated the software, it my have not done the job, you 
may want to give the update software another try.

GL and 73 Vince, K6BIR

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> I've got a GPS18LVC that has gone ... well, deaf. It still talks out
> its serial line, I just updated it with the latest software from the
> Garmin website. It responds fine to the serial port.
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