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[aprssig] WinAPRS -- changing location of PM maps

Anna M Reeves wa7ros at juno.com
Mon Apr 3 03:56:48 UTC 2006

Apparently some later versions of WinAPRS won't change the Precision
Mapping Option that determines where you have the maps stored. I don't
want the maps on the CD drive. I wanted them stored on the C drive.  But
the Options  button wouldn't let me go any place other than D.

But you can cange it manually (at least I can in ver 2.8.4 )
Open Notepad.  
Open the directory where WinAPRS is.
Then open the file called "MapPro50.cfg"
Edit the top 4  lines to say C drive (or whatever drive you are wanting
to use.)
Save the file.
Then open  the WinAPRS program.
and then tell it to use Precision Mapping
WINDOWS--- NEW PRECISION MAPPING (you MIGHT have to open it twice)
It should be fine.
After this, IF you happen to click on Precision Mapping Options then
click CANCEL and NOT OK. (perhaps you could make it "read only", I didn't
try .)
For some reason it always seems to save it back to D drive if given the

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