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[aprssig] GPS Speaker Microphone

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Mon Apr 3 15:51:47 UTC 2006

I talked to Pryme.  The mic is $585 retail, plus around $7k for the base
unit.  On-air format is proprietary, and they have no interest in opening up
any aspect of it.  Plus, it's got a built-in rechargeable battery that would
probably make it unsuitable for a lot of users - in search and rescue, for
example, a mic that only lasts 8 hours and needs to be plugged in to a
charger isn't going to work.


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> John Ronan wrote:
> > FYI,
> >
> > I was talking to someone in Icom (UK) a few minutes ago and he was  
> > saying that they are using a product from Otto (http:// 
> > www.ottoeng.com/).  The only reference I can find to it is here  
> > http://iwceexpo.com/exhibitors/nps/ (search for OTTO in the 
> page).   
> > The Icom person did mention that it was very expensive (£290) and  
> > they should have something cheaper towards the end of the year. 
> Look at Pryme just under OTTO.  They claim the same thing but 
> there is 
> nothing on their web site: www.pryme.com
> Jack/KB4XF
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