[aprssig] RF->Igate using aprsdigi in UK

g7iii at g7iii.net g7iii at g7iii.net
Mon Apr 3 16:39:30 CDT 2006

Hi All,

Having discovered APRS due to PCSAT and PCSAT2, I'm now delving into it
in a bit more depth.

As the subject suggests, I'm trying to setup a RF -> APRS-IS igate,
here in Bracknell in the UK.

I have aprsdigi listening to my soundmodem device (ax0), and sending
the to aprsd using UDP port 1315. aprsd is not (currently) connected
upstream, as I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing.

As I understand it, theres no particular reason for me not to Igate
RF-> APRS-IS, as the servers (including my own) should handle most
duplicated packets.

My configuration is rewriting WIDE, and TRACE, reducing them by one
each time. Is this correct, or should I just ignore WIDE/TRACE traffic
for the Igate, or should I strip the WIDE/TRACE part off entirely
before sending on to the APRS-IS upstream ?

For any aprsdigi experts here, the actual command line I'm using is:

aprsdigi --verbose --flood "WIDE" --trace "TRACE" --nosubst_mycall --notx --int ax25:ax0:G7III,RELAY,WIDE,TRACE --tx -i 0 --int udp:,RELAY,WIDE,TRACE

Any configuration advice would be gratefully received. One thing I've
noticed while connected to aprsd is that some of the packets get multiple
extra Control M's [^M].

Is this an issue, or to be expected ?  If an issue, anyone know I can
stop it ? It seems to be happening *after* aprsdigi has done its magic,
because I only see it in the aprsd UDP or rejected logs, and not in the
aprsdigi output, and not in an aprsmon that I had monitoring ax0.

All the Best


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