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[aprssig] No TAPR or APRS at Dayton Forums?

Stan Horzepa stanzepa at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 3 23:12:31 UTC 2006

There will be a TAPR Forum at the Dayton Hamvention this year, as well as
the annual Packet Bash (at a new and more convenient location). See
http://www.tapr.org/conferences.html for more info.

With regards to an APRS Forum, as you may or may not know, I have been
moderating the APRS Forum at Dayton forever (or it seems like forever).
Usually, during the late winter, someone from the Hamvention contacts me to
ask me to moderate another APRS Forum. This year, no one has contacted me.

So, I assume that (1) they contacted someone else to moderate the APRS Forum
or that (2) they saw fit not to have an APRS Forum this year (despite the
fact that we always pack the room for the Forum).

And so it goes.

Stan, WA1LOU  

 On 4/3/06 4:37 PM, "John Hansen" <hansen at fredonia.edu> wrote:

> I was looking through the schedule of forums at Dayton on the Hamvention
> webpage (www.hamvention.com) and was rather surprised to find no forums
> for either APRS or TAPR this year.  Kind of sad.  End of an era, I guess.
> John W2FS

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