[aprssig] ab8jl propagation

Tim Smith rt_smith at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 5 13:44:45 CDT 2006

I see him on I-94 just east of Minneapolis...is someone running an internet
to rf igate near you?

AB8JL-14>TT5W8V,WIDE3-3,qAO,AA9MQ-10:'xDH!fmu/]"7(}Columbus OH

last report 20 mins ago

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Check this out.... I saw this guy on my way home just now on my d700 in my
car near columbia sc.  It showed 1016 miles from me.

AB8JL-14>TQ4S9Y,K8BRC*,WIDE3-1,qAo,KD8CAO:'rKb!T9u/]"66}Fridley MN

And he's not even using an overly excessive path!  I didn't get a chance to
look at his raw packet on the d700 b/c I was driving, but this has got to be
a record for 3 (or 4) hops.


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