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[aprssig] Interpeting packets on findu

apratt at bestbits.org apratt at bestbits.org
Thu Apr 6 04:25:06 UTC 2006

Here's something I'd like to see answered on the wiki: how do you
interpret what you see on findu? Not the data parts, but the routing

My packets seem to show up with one digi's call sign, then the route I
specified, then the letters qAo or qAO, and finally another digi's
call. Here are two examples:


(Please don't give me a hard time about WIDE3-3: I'm running an
experiment and I am not using that path routinely.)

What does that say about digis, hop count, and IGates? What are other
patterns a user might see, and what do they mean? Without getting a
Ph.D. in APRS packet formatting, I think a few rules of thumb would be
a nice addition to the wiki.

If a few people answer here and we kick the topic around for a day or
so, I volunteer to write up a summary for the wiki. Deal?

-- Allan Pratt, apratt at bestbits.org

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