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APRS-SIG registration: Was: RE: [aprssig] Re: [ui-view] (fwd) Poll results for ui-view

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Thu Apr 6 09:17:50 UTC 2006


Having had a brief discussion in the past with Jan about this, from
memory (and old mails)  All he ever got back from the this list
administrators was the automated acknowledgement that he had made a
request to join, followed by the notification that his request was put
to the moderators, followed by nowt thereafter.

Looking back at the setup mails I had flying back and forth for this
list, I sent one request, got an automated reply, requesting a reply
from me to that.  Quoting the IP address of the system where I am.  I
sent the reply as requested.

Then I got another automated reply, stating that my request had gone to
the moderator for approval.

Followed in turn by the welcome message confirming my approval.  4 days
later!!!!  That was back in August 2005.  I think Jan had been trying
some time (weeks, months?) before that.

One observation...

All this seems to assume a static IP address at this (the members) end.
Would the automated part of the process fail if the prospective list
member had a dynamic IP, as most non business PC users do over hear?
Though looking at the headers of recent messages from Jan, they seem to
all originate from the same IP.   X-Originating-IP:  nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn

Also, he doesn't use Outlook (or OE) so could there be any differences
caused by different mailers?

In contrast, my Ui-View registration did take 3 days, but I did have to
send a scanned image of the validation notice part of my licence, that
took be a bit of time to get done, as I don't poses a scanner, or appear
in any call books!  Once they had that, I got the magic numbers in just
over 10 minutes.

The Ui-View List subscription took 10 seconds to process, fully
automated.  (Mind you, I suspect much of the spam I get, stem's from my
membership of several Yahoo hosted lists!)

Swings and roundabouts I suspect.

Someone from this list's admin crew may like to go and mail him, as I
think he'd be useful to have here, to help put over the EU view, and to
pass on to those in the EU the recommendations thrashed out here too.
After all, as has been mentioned here many times, if only more of the
Ui-View users were members of this list, it would make administration
and maintenance of the World Wide APRS network so much easier.

Well..  There's an opportunity here for us all perhaps?  After all, in
some parts of the EU (and UK) we do suffer some of the same problems you
had in the US, prior to the New n-N system...

Cheers & 73 All.

Dave G0WBX.

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