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Andy McMullin Andy at rickham.net
Thu Apr 6 12:32:53 CDT 2006

My applications to join were similar.

I applied and was told nope the first time. I seem to remember that  
when I tried again it asked for my callsign and again I was rejected.  
Then it was "third time lucky".

With respect to UI-View registration -- mine took less than 30  
minutes between mailing and getting it sorted. But that was when  
Roger was alive (and at about the same time I first tried to join  
this list with all its hassle factor).

Andy, G8TQH

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> A couple of years ago I tried to subscribe and I got a message back  
> that I
> was not accepted.  It pissed me off.  However, I kept reading posts  
> on other
> lists about things mentioned in aprssig, so I tried again a few  
> months later
> and it accepted me without problem.

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