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[aprssig] Re: aprssig Digest, Vol 22, Issue 6

Stan - N0YXV n0yxv at gihams.org
Fri Apr 7 14:57:37 UTC 2006

> Stan N0YXV wrote...
> > What's so wrong with at least exploring an idea?
> The software is not in the public domain. It's not up to you, me

I know it's not in the public domain but shouldn't it server the Public?
Sounds to me like you have some kind of exclusive club of insiders, that
doesn't sound to public to me.

> or Scott to
> alter the wishes of Roger G4IDE SK. The decisions that shaped the

I think your reading this wrong. I haven't seen anybody type anything that
appears to alter the wishes of Roger. If this alters his wishes I wish
instead of getting up set with people that are just curious you'd really
explain _how_ this could possible alter Roger's wishes. I can't imagine
anybody that would wish extra work on his friends after he is gone if there
was a way to lighten their work load.

> registration process came about as a direct result of Roger's wishes and
> those he entrusted to follow his wishes. As someone that has a glimpse of
> the registration procedure, I can tell you that the vast majority of
> "registration problems" are caused by non-hams trying to get UI-View32
> registered and by people that have problems with their email account.

Then those non-hams join Ham Radio email lists and complain about not being
able to register...correct?

Hate to tell you but the current registration process isn't completely fool
proof either. I know a Ham (can't say who) that registered somebody else's
call and it when through just fine. If the registration process is there to
stop fowl play then it should have stop that as well. When this other Ham
registered somebody else's call he could have easily been a non-ham
registering a Ham's call.

P.S. Can we talk about a subject without getting all hot and bothered? There
are several hams like me that have just joined this list and haven't seen
all the past comments. I thought one of the ideas of Ham Radio was the Open
Exchange of Ideas. That means the open exchange of ideas you _don't_ like as
well as those you _do_ like.

> 73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
> --
> "I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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