[aprssig] Bad path for a plane

Richard Montgomery kb4ytm at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 17:06:06 CDT 2006

I've contacted him a couple of times previously for using bad paths. He 
changes it for a while to WIDE3-3 or similar, and then for some reason 
changes it back to some crazy path usually including a RELAY at the end 
of the path. He usually makes daily trips from Shreveport, LA to 
Memphis, TN. We do trap the WIDE7-7 in Memphis BUT once he gets a couple 
of digi hops away in Arkansas it then floods out network because it 
arrives as WIDE7-5 or something similar.


Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> Bad paths are all the rage these days.  I picked up 
>> a truck in Lubbock that was in Louisianna. 
> K5ROK-14>S2ST6R,K5VAS-2*,WIDE7-6,WIDE7-7,qAo,WB0TAX:`y7W"@`u/]"4X}Don't get round much anymore
> When we see paths like this, we need to make an effort
> to contact the not only the sender to help him fix his
> bad path, but also the digipeater that is allowing the
> path to propogate and flood the system.
> It looks to me like K5VAS-2 digi is not trappnig WIDE7-7
> packets as it should under the New-N Paradigm.
> He has no EMail address  on QRZ.com.  I have
> already sent an email to the originator...
> He should probably be using a path of WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2
> in that area.
> Bob, WB4APR, Bob
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