[aprssig] Bad path for a plane

stewart00311 stewart00311 at bellsouth.net
Mon Apr 10 18:45:49 CDT 2006

As I have learned so far if you change the path manually in the D700 it will
stay, but I had done this then went and used the PC to program my radio and
forgot to change the settings before shooting the data, and guess what had
to change it again. This time changed the PC settings also.
Just a thought of how he may be changing them back to the Wide7-7

Still learning here in Mid Tn

Thanks for all of the info the list puts out.


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I've contacted him a couple of times previously for using bad paths. He 
changes it for a while to WIDE3-3 or similar, and then for some reason 
changes it back to some crazy path usually including a RELAY at the end 
of the path. He usually makes daily trips from Shreveport, LA to 
Memphis, TN. We do trap the WIDE7-7 in Memphis BUT once he gets a couple 
of digi hops away in Arkansas it then floods out network because it 
arrives as WIDE7-5 or something similar.


Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> Bad paths are all the rage these days.  I picked up 
>> a truck in Lubbock that was in Louisianna. 
> K5ROK-14>S2ST6R,K5VAS-2*,WIDE7-6,WIDE7-7,qAo,WB0TAX:`y7W"@`u/]"4X}Don't
get round much anymore
> When we see paths like this, we need to make an effort
> to contact the not only the sender to help him fix his
> bad path, but also the digipeater that is allowing the
> path to propogate and flood the system.
> It looks to me like K5VAS-2 digi is not trappnig WIDE7-7
> packets as it should under the New-N Paradigm.
> He has no EMail address  on QRZ.com.  I have
> already sent an email to the originator...
> He should probably be using a path of WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2
> in that area.
> Bob, WB4APR, Bob
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