[aprssig] Bad path for a plane

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Apr 10 22:27:54 CDT 2006

>OK I'll bite. Why would the new WIDEn-N stop this path? 
>Looks to me like WIDEn-N is working correctly here. 
>First Digi takes WIDE7-7 and correctly converts it to WIDE7-6.

No, in a New-N paradigm, W7-7,W6-6,W5-5 and W4-4
are all trapped to 1 hop.  All KPC-3 and UIDIGI ROM digi's
as well as DIGI-NED and others have 4 or 8 traps they 
can use.  A correct New-N digi will take the W7-7 and
digipeat it and do callsign substitution instead of
W7-6 decrementing.  Thus the packet comes out of the
digi as DIGNx* instead of WIDE7-6.


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