[aprssig] Re: Bad path for a plane = for the KPC users LLIST can be a wonderful thing.

Jeff Thomas - KD4EVB kd4evb at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 11 14:52:30 CDT 2006

For the KPC3 digi owners/sysops, if email/contact (aka
user education, gentle hints, etc) doesn't work and a
user continues to cause problems on RF, judicious use
of LLIST parm/command on the KPC powered digi's can be
a wonderful thing ;-)

I hate filtering as much as the next guy, but
sometimes it's the obvious solution.  Little
cordination between area digi sysops and user
education combined with filtering as a last resort,
can make for a powerful combination.  Digi sysops have
an obligation to not just serve their area users, but
also to protect adjacent areas from abusive
paths/users.  Every area is different, but the
fundamentals remain the same.

73 de Jeff, KD4EVB

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