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[aprssig] Delorme LT-20 - Cart bought before the Horse

w7psk at w7psk.net w7psk at w7psk.net
Thu Apr 13 13:55:35 UTC 2006

Semi New to this APRS stuff.  have downloaded the software and tried to do manual position stuff but it doesnt work well.

Have always wanted GPS and for my Birthday the wife bought me a Earthmate LT-20 (I made sure it was NMEA Compliant before I did)

It is unfortunatley USB.

Now, they do have serial drivers (emulators) but Im not sure how it all goes together.

Anyone Successfully Run this yet.   

I noticed a few threads about it, but I couldnt garner from all the branches what the final was.

So did I get the cart before the horse ?

Scotty W7PSK
Everett, Washington

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