[aprssig] Re: Delorme LT-20 - Cart bought before the Horse

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Apr 13 11:24:22 CDT 2006

CTDay at lbl.gov wrote:
> UI-view can connect to a GPS on any COM Port below COM9. Since NMEA
> output is simple ASCII messages, I'd guess your USB GPS receiver creates
> a COM Port when you plug it into the computer and the driver gets loaded
> [we're talking Windows here?] You can look up in the device manager -
> right click My Computer and select Manage/Device Manager - and look for
> a COM Port that is only there when the GPS receiver is plugged in. Aim
> UI-view, or whatever, at that COM Port.

Current Delorme mapping applications use the native USB interface of 
this Delorme GPS receiver directly.  A virtual COM port emulator IS NOT 
installed by default. 

You have to download and install the optional driver that intercepts the 
USB interface and creates the simulated COM port,    from the Delorme 
website,    before non-Delorme applications can use this GPS.   

Further, restating a fact that has been repeated many, many, times 
before on this and other APRS-related lists:

USB-interfaced devices will ONLY WORK with a PC.  

There is NO WAY to use a USB-interfaced GPS with other devices such as a 
Kenwood D700 or TH-D7, Tiny Track, KPC3 TNC, etc.     For these 
hardware-based applications, you MUST have a serial-interfaced GPS device. 

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