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[aprssig] Delorme LT-20 - Cart bought before the Horse

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Thu Apr 13 17:05:26 UTC 2006

> FWIW, Scott Miller has developed a tracker that will end up 
> being the same 
> size as the tiny track.  The big difference is that it will 

Shh, the little one is a secret!  =]  Actually I was going to announce it
soon anyway, so here's a rendering (minus a few parts) for anyone who's


Boards are due in (maybe) next week, but probably not before I leave for DC.
Speaking of which, if I get out of DC in time on Friday, I'll probably be at
the SVARC meeting in Winchester, VA if anyone wants to take a look at the
stuff I'm working on.

This version is simplified a bit to fit in the case, and so it can be
manufactured with only a 2-layer board and parts on one side to keep the
cost down.  It won't have support for a second serial port, there's no
1-wire bus, and it doesn't have the high side switch.  The firmware is still
the same, though, and it'll work fine as a tracker, KISS TNC, and digi.
Assuming I didn't make any major mistakes and it works at all!

The big addition this week is a KPC-3 style serial console.  Most of the
parameters in flash can now be set without running the Windows configuration
program, and they can be set remotely.

Maybe this version will be in production in time for Dayton - and maybe not.
There's still a ton of work to be done on the firmware, and assembly issues
to work out.  I'm writing up an article for the next PSR, so check there for
more details.


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