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Tim Smith rt_smith at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 17 08:41:35 CDT 2006

Hey Bob:

place one these jewels in each of the kids rooms.  Hand free so that they
can still SMS each other.



Tim - N1TI

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Pondering a future wind-powered APRS station....
well actually, while finishing my taxes and looking at
the IRS book one last time, I noticed that there
are alternative energy credits new in 2006....

began to dream of finally putting up a tower on my
lot and wondered about putting a wind alternator on
top...  but best I can find, this energy credits deal is
probably the result of the windows and siding lobby
since it seems to focus on those kinds of consumer
items.  It does include Solar power, but I can't find
any credit for wind power.

ALso the car lobby clearly got credits for Hybrid electrics
but they don't count for all-electrics!  Where's the sense
in that?   (the one in my driveway for the last 20 years is
still waiting for some incentive to get it back on the road.

Anyway, APRS is cleary a minor tangent, so if anyone
can point me to an alternative-energy (do-it-yourself)
discussion group, I would appreciate it.

Oh, found a box of those solar powered yard lights last
weekend and have already installed one in the interior
bathroom skylight and hung one over the door to make
it easy to get the key in the door at night.  Found
additional white LED's only cost $0.50 each and so
lots of opportunity to pick up some light where needed.
Our electric rates are going to go up by 75% this
summer due to de-regulation and so I'm moving more
and more towards going off-grid...

Kids rooms are already off-grid as part of a science

de WB4APR, Bob

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