[aprssig] Wiki frustration (was TNC vs AGWPE)

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Tue Apr 18 12:14:13 CDT 2006

The problem with the help screen (and some others) not coming up is because
they're hard-coded links that assume you're using URL rewriting to get rid
of the wikka/wakka stuff.  URL rewriting is easy in Apache, but the site's
running on IIS and I don't have a URL rewriting filter for it.  If anyone
knows where I can get a good free one, let me know.


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> On Tue, 18 Apr 2006 10:21:16 -0600, "Stephen H. Smith" wrote:
> > I attempted to put some stuff on it a week or so ago and got 
> > so frustrated with the HORRIBLE user interface that I 
> > finally gave up. It refused to accept my attempt to sign up 
> > and kept trying to refer me to a FAQ on user names that 
> > is inaccessible until you are already signed up.  
> I myself fixed this a while ago. As described here already, the
> problem was that the word WikiName is a link to a page that's supposed
> to explain how to choose a name, and the page didn't exist. This meant
> the link would take you to the "create/edit this page" screen, but you
> couldn't see that unless you were registered. Catch-22. I created the
> WikiName page, and now you get real help when you click on it.
> You might try registering again. The restriction on login names is
> that they must start with a capital letter *and* have at least one
> more capital somewhere in them, like DummyUser but not Dummyuser or
> dummyUser. I agree this is a silly and unexpected restriction on user
> names, and the login page should say so outright, but at least now you
> can get help when it complains at you.
> As for AGWPE and the "Sound card tuning aid": rather than putting
> instructions on the Wiki it would be nice if the AGWPE docs or that
> screen of AGWPE itself told you what the tuning goal was (no
> clipping), instead of just showing you the sine wave and other
> diagrams without telling you what you're supposed to achieve there.
> -- Allan Pratt, apratt at bestbits.org
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