[aprssig] Winaprs and Precision Mapping

Mark Sproul kb2ici at amsat.org
Tue Apr 18 12:56:43 CDT 2006

WinAPRS supports PMAP 3.0/3.5  or 5.0  There are separate version of 
WinAPRS for each. The normal version of WinAPRS supports 5.0, a 
different version, labeled PMAP3 supports 3/3.5

I can post a new release for 3/3.5 support.

For all of those who like PMAP, please understand that I gave up 
supporting PMAP becaue i could not get it to work right under my 
environment and I now have TIGER maps working almost as good as PMAP.


At 11:39 AM -0500 4/18/06, Maryetta wrote:
>I use an old and slow computer for Aprs.However i can run
>Winaprs 251 and managed to get the precision mapping
>setup to run and its great.Do all versions after 251 allow the use 
>of precision mapping.If not what is the last version to
>allow it?..
>                 Quentin

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