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SV: [aprssig] Hang Glider APRS

Rikard Sohlberg rikard.sohlberg at home.se
Tue Apr 18 21:01:04 UTC 2006

Hello. It all comes down to the antenna. We are testing Byon’s PocketTracker
here in Sweden in gliders. 100 km is no problem, subject to a good antenna!
We have tried various antennas and positions, and ‘your mileage will vary’
as they say. From a glider at 1500 m altitude, I pick up the packets on my
TH-D7 at 100 km. The antenna on the tracker is a 50 cm wire. With a rubber
antenna, the range is much much less. I guess with a hang glider, the
antenna is out in the air. But I recommend you use a good size wire or
stick, not a rubber ‘dummy load’!

73 and Good Luck!






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För Andrew Rich
Skickat: den 18 april 2006 21:36
Till: TAPR List
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Ämne: [aprssig] Hang Glider APRS




In contact with the local hang glider club. One guy is going to fly 100 Km's
cross country.


Now I have to make the decision wether the pocket tracker will make the


I measured it with a comms test set - 168 mW.


Anyone had expereince with RF vs Distance from airborne objects ?

Andrew Rich
Amateur radio callsign VK4TEC
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