[aprssig] Winaprs and Precision Mapping

Mark Sproul kb2ici at amsat.org
Wed Apr 19 13:48:27 CDT 2006

At 4:50 PM -0700 4/18/06, Chris Rose wrote:
>I don't mean to put you on the spot but I am going to
>unfortunately.  In order to adequately store a states
>worth of data for Tiger maps such as Michigan, how
>much memory will it take up?  I don't know if you can
>answer this but I may have to reword my question?  Let
>me know if you can help.


Michigan takes 270 meg after it the files have been converted to 
binary. It is easy to do this on a more powerful machine, then copy 
the binaries to the slower machine. If necessary, I will do it for 
you and send you a zip file.

Also, note that ALL of the major map makers start out with TIGER 
data, then they add to it and enhance it. The census bureau is in the 
middle of a 300 million dollar improvement project. This is required 
because of 9-1-1 location for the entire country.

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