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[aprssig] FINDU multiple station displays.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Apr 20 13:46:22 UTC 2006

>On Findu.com, is there a way to make all stations 
>using the same basic callsign ... show up on a map ?

Andy said there is a link on the CALL* resulting page
and it works great!  Here is the most prolific call in
Maryland.  I see he has 7 digis, his home, and his
car on the map today...

http://map.findu.com/N3KTX* and select the link to 
show all callsigns.  Unfortunately, then you have to 
zoom way out and move right to see them all.

Thanks ANDY.  I was not aware that FINDU could
display multiple stations.  I wish there was an
option for displaying the NEAR 50 stations as
well.  That would really be neat.  I have always
had to use JFINDU for that...


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