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[aprssig] FINDU cgi's, geos, and tracks

apratt at bestbits.org apratt at bestbits.org
Fri Apr 21 17:48:55 UTC 2006

Steve and all:

Findu is great and I'm very happy you maintain it. Thank you.

You wrote, "...virtually all of the cgis and their parameters are
documented on http://www.findu.com/cgi.html ..."

I see you said "virtually." Are there more CGI's? Also, I saw
documentation on how to use custom GEOs, but I don't see a list of the
geos you've got on your server.

I ask about geos because I notice the default USA geo for "line.cgi"
seems to be fixated on water and highways, without displaying city
names. When it comes to labels, I'd rather see "San Francisco" than
"San Francisco Bay."

Finally, a question regarding tracks. Currently I seem to have two
choices: non-interactive images like the one from line.cgi if I want
to see the history, or Google Maps if I only want to see the position.
Is there a way to feed the historic positions in to Google Maps as
breadcrumbs (or even a connected line), so I can get the best of both


-- Allan Pratt, apratt at bestbits.org

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