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Yes I went this way and it works well

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Andrew VK4TEC wrote...

> I am trying to use aprsd as an RF to INET only system
> It is working well. The only thing is, it seems to let in "ALL"
> the traffic from the INET server.
> How can I configure aprsd to just let me "send" to the net and not have to
> "listen" to all the inet trafffic hitting my linux box ?

You could connect to a regional feed or to a "port 14580" server that allows
you to specify a filter.

>From the sample you provided...

   #Server connection definitions
   #usage: <Server> <host name> < host port> <TYPE-DIR>
    <optional OmniPort filter command>


   Server second.aprs.net 23 hub-sr
   Server first.aprs.net 23 hub-sr
   Server third.aprs.net 23 hub-sr

With the above, you would connect to one of the three specified servers.

See http://www.aprs-is.net/APRSServers.htm
It looks like port 23 is a "full feed" of the world.

See http://second.aprs.net.au:14501/
It looks like port 14576 would be "your position + 500 km"
Port 14580 is a "user definable filter port"

>From the "usage" example you sent, it looks like you should enter something

Server second.aprs.net.au 14676 hub-sr


Server second.aprs.net.au 14580 hub-sr m/1000

but I'm guessing at the syntax for the filter... e.g. "m/1000" for a "my
range filter of within 1000 km of your position"

Looking at http://second.aprs.net:14501/ it looks like you are currently
connected, both wih UI-View and with aprsd.

14580 VK4TEC Yes UI-View32 V2.03

And the line immediately below there shows...

14580 VK4TEC-10 Yes aprsd 2.1.5b9

so VK4TEC-10 is connected to port 14580 with aprsd but with no filter
entered. As far as I know, you could send to the server, but with no filter
defined, it wouldn't send anything back to you. Maybe that is what you were
intending to do.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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