[aprssig] Ports used on UIView

Andy Pritchard apritch at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Apr 22 13:42:19 CDT 2006

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>     I've got UIView installed on my PC at the University.  I've installed 
> Sitedevelopers DynDNS service that updates the DNS servers with the 
> current IP of my PC.  You can pull up the UIview Webserver on my PC at the 
> office at http://wcu.wb4aej.com.  However, I think we're blocked on port 
> 80 to the outside except for the school Webservers.  So I don't think you 
> can get through right now.  As my APRS project develops, I may be able to 
> convince them to unblock port 80 to my PC.
>     I can access it on campus, though.  But there is still a problem.  The 
> maps don't come up.  There is just a blank in the map displays when I get 
> them.
>     Can anyone tell me how those maps are retrieved from findu.com (I 
> assume that they are coming from findu.com)?  If I can sort out what is 
> causing this problem on campus, I may be able to fix it or have the I.T. 
> people fix it.
>     73,

Hi Fred

I suggest you post, your question on; the UI-View support group which is:

ui-view at yahoogroups.com


Andy, M0CYP - Telford

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