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[aprssig] Ports used on UIView

Robbie, wa9inf mwrobertson at comcast.net
Sat Apr 22 19:55:49 UTC 2006

Fred Atkinson wrote:

>     I've got UIView installed on my PC at the University.  I've installed Sitedevelopers DynDNS service that updates the DNS servers with the current IP of my PC.  You can pull up the UIview Webserver on my PC at the office at http://wcu.wb4aej.com.  However, I think we're blocked on port 80 to the outside except for the school Webservers.  So I don't think you can get through right now.  As my APRS project develops, I may be able to convince them to unblock port 80 to my PC.  
>     I can access it on campus, though.  But there is still a problem.  The maps don't come up.  There is just a blank in the map displays when I get them.  
>     Can anyone tell me how those maps are retrieved from findu.com (I assume that they are coming from findu.com)?  If I can sort out what is causing this problem on campus, I may be able to fix it or have the I.T. people fix it.  
>     73, 

You can change the UI-View32 port number to whatever the University will 
allow you to use.

Port 80 can be a problem...


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