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[aprssig] Balloons, Ham Radio and APRS in UK

Fred Atkinson, WB4AEJ fred at wb4aej.com
Sun Apr 23 13:12:51 UTC 2006

    It would seem to me that if we can get waivers from the rules for experimental communications that they could do the same thing, too.  

    Why don't they give it a try through their regulators.  I'm sure they have an equivalent of our FCC to deal with.  

                                                            Fred, WB4AEJ 

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  Subject: [aprssig] Balloons, Ham Radio and APRS in UK

  I have a buddy that has moved to UK, he was big into ballooning but apparently APRS via airborne Ham Radio is not allowed by there rules.

  The Question was asked what possible ways can he track his balloons via APRS other then Ham radio if this is not allowed.

  Unfortunately I have no clue about there rules in the UK so I thought someone here may have an answer.

  Google: What Starts In Beta Stays In Beta!



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