[aprssig] aprsd confusion

g7iii at g7iii.net g7iii at g7iii.net
Mon Apr 24 04:06:51 CDT 2006

On Sat, Apr 22, 2006 at 05:50:01AM -0700, VE7GDH wrote:

> so VK4TEC-10 is connected to port 14580 with aprsd but with no filter
> entered. As far as I know, you could send to the server, but with no filter
> defined, it wouldn't send anything back to you. Maybe that is what you were
> intending to do.

Indeed, aprsd doesnt support sending the JavAPRS filter strings for the
user defined port of 14580. However, with the number if JavAPRS servers
out there, this is probably a usefull feature.

I have a patch that completes the registration, that sends a filter
string to the remote server. The patch is included in a debian bug
that I filed, see:


Please read the commentary about it being a "Works for me" patch, and
no warranty. At some point, if the Debian maintainer deems it sane
enough, it may find its way into the Debian Package.

Note, while the patch is against the debian source, its pretty simple,
and doesnt touch anything debian specific, so other dists should be
able to use it.

And just for the record, youll want something like this in aprsd.conf:

hub ireland.aprs2.net 14580 <call> <passcode> p/w3ado/pcsat/raft/ande

Best Regards


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